25' Self Lock (IE)

25' Self Lock (IE)
Nylon Coated Steel Blade
25' x 1"
  • Self locking blade with thumb push button return
  • Nylon coated blade with inch/engineer scale
  • ABS case with protective rubber
Manufacturer Part No: SL2825IE
Item UPC: 6-50056-12825-0

This is it! This is what everyone has been talking about--the Self-lock tape measure. This revolutionary Komelon tape measure functions like they always should have. With Komelon's Self-Lock tape measures, all you have to do is pull the blade out, let it go, and the blade stays out! To safely retract the blade, press the top button and control the speed of return. "These are the absolute EASIEST tape measures I've ever used" said Russ on Amazon.com, "I have every size." This 25' inch/engineer scale Self-Lock has a nylon coated blade and its case is ergonomically designed for user comfort. Be careful! Once you try the Self-Lock you may never use another.

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