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Nylon Coated Steel Blade
  • Nylon coated steel blade with versatile end hook, measures in engineer scale only
  • Heavy duty metal frame
  • Quick release handle/rewind
Manufacturer Part No: N6300E
Item UPC: 6-50056-46300-9

Get some distance with Komelon's 300' engineer scale Metal Frame Steel Reel. This reel was built for professionals by experts that know what a professional demands. This long steel tape is used by many contractors, concrete workers, road construction crews, and various other professionals who use the engineer scale and must have accurate measurements. This Metal Frame Steel Reel has a versatile end hook that includes an innovative ring hook. Another great feature this long steel tape offers is the quick release handle. If you're pulling tape out and don't want the handle winding, just release the handle and it will stay in place as you pull out tape. The second you get your hands on this steel reel you will understand it means business and it will be your tool of choice for ages.

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